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Are you ready for 2017? How to make it your Best Year Ever!

On Wednesday December 28, 2016, the Best Year Ever annual event will be held. For subscribers this starts at 7 AM PST and will last until about 8:30 AM PST. It will be recorded and posted by the end of the week on the SpeedStart Monday site.

Each year on the last Wednesday we have our get ready for the new year. Each year it has been live and has many surprises for even the longest members. The format for this session will be 3, three thirty minute sections with a Question and Answer for each part. This will make posting in 3 sections easier and will, hopefully keep each section contained.

What do you need for this:
Paper and pen (old school), laptop to write notes
2017 Calendar again your preference on type – I use paper for planning
List of goals that you want to achieve in 2017, do a 10 minute timed write and put them down.

As in all things it is your job to be ready and work at making your life, the one that you desire.


“We end up with the life that we design and for many that is unfortunate” —John Paul Mendocha

Hear you at 7 AM, we will start at 7:07 AM without fail.

Make 2017 your Best Year Ever!
John Paul Mendocha

What does it take?

What does it take to be successful today?

It seems that there is a lot of thought and talk and energy spent looking for the shortcut, the way around, the better way. And I don’t blame anybody for wanting to do that.

I think Michael Cain the actor said it correctly, “If you really want to become an actor but only providing that acting doesn’t interfere with your golf game, your political ambitions and your sex life you don’t really want to become an actor. Not only is acting more then a part-time job it is more then a full-time job. It is a full-time obsession.”









Now I think that’s true of being in business. Now I meet people all the time that say “John I want to be like _______” and they name somebody because that person has it all figured out and they are probably a great role model and all of that. But what’s left out constantly is that person did all of the things necessary to get to where they are so they can then see things with a bigger picture, hire people and all of that.

Let me clear up what I think is kind of this fantasy world which people who say I want to work 4 hours a week or 1 hour a day. I mean that’s fine. I think that’s possible. But understand that every person I’ve met who has accomplished some level of that freedom has people who work for them, and the people who work for them are not working 1 hour or 4 hours or whatever it is. Those people are all doing one thing; they’re working their ass off making sure they get everything done that needs to get done.

Never kid yourself, in the end it degrades to work. Drucker was right, we all have to go out there and push it forward.

Now back to this whole part-time, full-time obsession thing, if you really want to be excellent, I mean beyond good you have to become obsessive in my opinion. You have to really dive in because if you don’t than someday you will wake up and whine and moan and say, “Whoa is me. I deserve some other lot in life. I deserve something else.” What you’re going to do is get off your ass and keep pushing things forward.

There are no rules in a knife fight. In some ways in business there are rules but it’s not like you can just cookie cutter and say all I have to do is this. If you want to be really, really good everyday you have to say how do I get a little bit better.

Every person I’ve ever met, unless they were exceedingly lucky (but then they always piss away the money anyway), is I’ve met people who are really beyond belief obsessive about becoming the best that they possibly can. Do that and success is not something that is an illusion. Do that and it’s not some series of gees I’ve got one foot out the door all the time but it’s planted firmly in the belief that I’m going to get up everyday and work as hard as I possibly have to not because it’s something that I need to do because it’s something that I must do.

That I believe is the lesson of that quote and why it’s so important if you really are going to be mega successful that you have to live with this constant sense that you have to be obsessed at becoming the best that you possibly can be.

DSK#2: Why Call the Internet a Serial Killer?

From the first time that I experienced the internet I had a sense that it would over time radically change how the world would work.  And since it didn’t have a single force behind it, it would become what is known as a disruptive innovation.

This is so important to understanding how, where and when it will strike.  It tells us that if we don’t pay attention, the world that we live in will change and before you know it another business or even an entire industry is blow apart.  All innovations are at there core, destruction of the status quo.  This is why most of us are scared to death of the power of innovation.

Take any of the changes and you will hear someone railing against them.  Wanting to go back, hoping that the river will flow another direction.

Not going to happen.

In this series of blog posts I will share with you those Internet innovations that are changing us, I will include the really big ones and a bunch of small, but important ones.  No one is safe from this force, politicians will want to manipulate this force.  But innovation will not be stopped.

When was the first time you became aware of the Internet?  When did you make your first purchase?  Are you one of the 100’s of millions who every day use this as a resource to… to do whatever you want?  If you are in business or work for a business, the Internet is no longer an option, it is a necessity and now what are you going to do about it?

Hopefully these posts will give you the insights to realize that the time for action is now, you cannot wait or else you to will become a victim of this serial killer.

DSK#1: He won’t know what hit him…

The internet has changed so many things in our lives that in some ways it is hard to remember how we used to do things. Just last night, pissed that I couldn’t get the speeches from the RNC in total via cable I watched them online. No commentators or filters. Now it doesn’t matter to me your politics, just learn the lesson that anyone who has a message needs to heed the warning that the days of someone else telling you what you can or cannot get are rapidly going away.

We are just on the cusp of a communications revolution and most business owners are doing what…
Nothing, are they waiting for some ray of light to tell them it is ok.

Earlier in the day I met with a manager of the resort that I am staying at and asked when he was going to add video to his website. He is just now hiring a “internet marketing consultant” and believes that in the next year or two they will have a much better web thingy ready in just 1 to 2 years. Then he gave me the caveat that budget would have to be approved. He then tells me how hard it is to get the message out and laments for the good old days.

Head in the sand is no way to live.

His entire industry is ripe for the serial killer that is the internet. And when it comes no one should be surprised. I left him in his office and went back to the 21st century, to watch via the net the live feed. Oh by the way, when I told him that he will have to double his wifi bandwidth every year from now on, he looked like I was speaking a foreign language.

No business is safe from this threat and every one should see that you must regard the internet as both a blessing and a curse.

Are you ready, of course not…

Is your business safe?

A serial killer is traditionally defined as an individual who has killed three or more people. The internet has killed more businesses and entire industries and serves as a prime example of a serial killer!