Are you ready for 2017? How to make it your Best Year Ever!

On Wednesday December 28, 2016, the Best Year Ever annual event will be held. For subscribers this starts at 7 AM PST and will last until about 8:30 AM PST. It will be recorded and posted by the end of the week on the SpeedStart Monday site.

Each year on the last Wednesday we have our get ready for the new year. Each year it has been live and has many surprises for even the longest members. The format for this session will be 3, three thirty minute sections with a Question and Answer for each part. This will make posting in 3 sections easier and will, hopefully keep each section contained.

What do you need for this:
Paper and pen (old school), laptop to write notes
2017 Calendar again your preference on type – I use paper for planning
List of goals that you want to achieve in 2017, do a 10 minute timed write and put them down.

As in all things it is your job to be ready and work at making your life, the one that you desire.


“We end up with the life that we design and for many that is unfortunate” —John Paul Mendocha

Hear you at 7 AM, we will start at 7:07 AM without fail.

Make 2017 your Best Year Ever!
John Paul Mendocha

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