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John Paul Mendocha, a.k.a. Dr. SpeedSelling™ always wears two watches. Why? Because he knows time is the most cherished and irreplaceable element in anyone’s life. As a serial entrepreneur with now 39 years of experience, consulting for 30 years, he at times leads several lives at once. To most, this level of activity and pace would be daunting, but John loves the action.

John is an intense speaker, delivering actionable, knowledgeable insights for business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs with rapid-fire, humorous delivery. As a “turn around consultant” he has faced head on, the most difficult challenges in business, and is able to spot problems and provide solutions for their successful resolution.

As a turn-around expert and professional speaker, John’s expertise covers many areas. His business structuring insights teach you how to overcome obstacles with actionable steps, set up or debug your sales process, identify and handle staffing issues or delivery problems. He can ferret out reasons for declining sales profits within minutes of hearing your business issues.

A four-year stint as a professional gambler taught John that in business as well as in life, math, odds and probability are on one side. On the other is human psychology, the emotional drivers that determine what motivates us to react or take action. These lessons have led to traveling the world, coaching clients in dozens of industries and helping rack up profits that most only dream of. As a direct sales representative he has been number one in several companies, helping one land at #18 on the INC 500 list, which is no small feat.

Never one to rest on his laurels, he pushes to use the best of leading-edge innovative techniques without forgetting the power of foundational knowledge.

Having him speak, consult or coach your audience is a glimpse into another world, where things happen fast. With five presentations available, from keynote to full blown multi-day transformations, John Paul Mendocha stands in a uniquely experienced place to provide three powerful specific goals for your audience:

1. Relevance to your situation
2. Actionable ideas not philosophical blather
3. You – as in you can do it

To book John for your next event call 909-783-2000, or use our contact form.

Use every minute to the fullest; it’s the only one you have.

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